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Advertising agencies exist to create core messages and marketing products for outside clients. Advertising jobs include many varied positions, from account executives that land and nurture accounts, to public relations jobs that seek out media avenues that are advantageous to the represented company, to art director jobs that head up the creative division for a customer or the entire agency. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some of the biggest advertsing job opportunities are expected in the jobs of public relations manager, multi-media artists and market research analysts.

Due to high competition, jobs in public relations can be found more readily through a co-op or internship program offered through the university or agency. Entry-level jobs  are usually assistant-oriented, working in the research department or on a specific account. From there, the employee can move up to account executive, supervisor or even a vice president role at the executive level. Commonly referred to as “PR,” public relations work requires extreme creativity and innovative communications methods, constantly looking for beneficial means to get the client’s core message across.

Jobs in advertising can be very challenging work. There are many tight deadlines, and employees often work overtime and weekends to get specific deliverables met. Entry-level marketing advertising jobs can be found in media or account management, although they generally require a bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising, along with an internship and extensive coursework. Recently, the Public Relations Society of America developed an accreditation program, and although it’s voluntary, it will certainly help secure an employee within the field.

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