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Housekeeping jobs are very easy to come by, which is largely due to the ever-growing travel industry. Well over half of the jobs in housekeeping are found in hotels, motels, restaurants and other tourist attractions. Generally hospitals and other medical facilities have a house keeping staff, and they are especially needed in nursing home and adult care facilities, during graveyard shifts and weekends. Apartments and other living communities often employ a housekeeping staff as well to keep the facilities up.

Due to the fact there are so many available positions, cleaning housekeeping jobs have high turnover depending on the hourly pay and benefits. Also seasonal work can affect the availability, along with additional temporary opportunities. Finding a housekeeping position within a major hotel chain or restaurant can mean growth opportunities or the ability to transfer to another location and hold the same position.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top paying states for housekeeper jobs include D.C., New York, Nevada, Connecticut and Hawaii—all top tourist destinations for the most part. The bulk of the work includes cleaning rooms, hallways, walkways, and bringing in fresh linens and toiletries.

Housekeeping outside of a hotel chain or medical facility can include private home service—generally known as a maid. There are several national cleaning chains that are insured and bonded, and provide a housekeeping or maid staff to accommodate private residencies and small to large companies. Housekeeping can also be done on an individual basis, and this is generally through word of mouth or client recommendation.

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