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Janitor jobs are a necessary part of upkeep for schools, hospitals, hotels and businesses. Depending on the size of the company or facility, there may be a team of janitors or just one or two. More than half of janitorial jobs are found in buildings and institutions, with additional availability in schools, nursing homes, local government buildings and tourist accommodations.

Typical janitorial work includes building upkeep, along with heavy duty cleaning like floor waxing, shampooing rugs, trash pick-up, and windows and glass. Like other housekeeping positions, janitor work can be found all over the country, with the top paying states in New England and Alaska. Depending on the tenure and size of the facility, janitors can earn well over minimum wage, with a median average at $19-$21 an hour.

Custodian jobs are similar in cleaning duties to janitorial work, but also include the general maintenance and repair of buildings and institutions. A facility custodian often acts as a building supervisor, and will perform handy duties, including furnace repair, snow blowing, debris removal and sidewalk maintenance. Certifications in the specific construction trades like plumbing and electric work are desirable as well.

Depending on the size of the facility and whether or not it is privately owned, there will often be a building supervisor that prefers the janitorial and custodial work, in exchange for a salary, along with room and board. This can occur in apartment buildings and privately owned residencies, and is very common in large cities like Manhattan.

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