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The warehouse and storage industry exists to keep manufactured goods safe and accounted for through well-maintained facilities. Warehouse jobs involve many different positions within the facility, depending on its size, as well as the amount of materials and type of accommodations (refrigerated, dry climate required, etc.) required. Jobs in warehouse can be plentiful when the economy is doing well, but are often subject to mass layoffs if the company they are storing products for goes out of business. The large majority of warehouse work is found within private industries, but can also be found within local, state and federal governments.

Warehouse employment includes a variety of facility administration jobs that handle the protection and logistics services for the distribution of products. Facilities management jobs handle the overarching supervisory of these logistics services, which include labeling, assembly, inventory control and breaking bulk packaging. If the warehouse is a distribution point, the services can also include pricing, order entry, order fulfillment, ticketing, packaging and finally transportation. In other words, the handling portion that is shown on most orders—although they do not sell the actual goods.

Machinist jobs are a given within a warehouse setting, including laborers that help move the freight and stock the materials. Material movers use industrial trucks and tractors to track and retrieve the appropriate products in order to fill orders. Due to the usage of equipment and materials being handled, as well as overtime work during high season, warehouse workers are more subject to work-related injuries and illnesses than a typical office worker.

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